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Electricity & security, quality since 1926.

Nearly 100 years of experience:

As an installation company, we have almost 100 years of experience and consistently keep one eye on our goals and methods:

We work with integrated solutions, whilst at the same time paying attention to ease of use as an important factor.

In our field with rapidly evolving technologies, our employees receive continuous training.

Custom tools and measuring devices are indispensable for a flawless and punctual delivery.

We also aspire to larger projects with applications in production halls, offices, hotels, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, residential care centres and public buildings.


In 2019, Opdedrynck bvba became part of Wolfgang Lestaeghe Management (WLM), to which Installatiebedrijf Lestaeghe (installation company) and Vastgoedbeheer Lestaeghe (real estate management) already belonged.

WLM sets and coordinates the objectives of the 3 companies and provides assistance and advice on general, financial and operational management. WLM also takes care of HR, purchasing, sales and marketing.

Hendrik Baelskaai 35 – 36
8400 – Oostende

BE 0411924059
Cat. P1 Klasse 3, Cat. P2-P3-S1 Kl1
MBZ nr. 20064437