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Access management in general and access control in particular are useful when it comes to the safety of your employees, safeguarding your production, protecting your know-how and other business-sensitive information, the prevention of theft or in the event of emergencies. Certain systems can also be used for time tracking, counting visitors or customers, parking management or to manage entry fees.

We offer a wide range of access control systems that control and regulate access to all or parts of your business premises, factory buildings, workshops, warehouses, offices, laboratories, sales areas, public buildings and car parks.

Concept development, implementation, optimisation and urgent repairs of all access control systems are included. Feel free to contact us for further information or a site visit.

We implement the following access control systems:

Attendance registration based on analogue or digital video and camera surveillance for pre-determined critical points, both outdoors and indoors and connected to the internet.

Selective access authorization based on personal authentication using card readers for badges, such as magnetic or proximity cards, fingerprint and other biometric readers, keypad codes, optionally combined with physical measures, such as automated access points, (tripod) turnstiles, speed gates, barriers, etc.


For each project, we propose procedures and systems that:

Are first of all reliable

… are at the same time functional and easy to use.

That can preferably be implemented uniformly and…

…can be centrally managed if needed, even remotely.

Mistakes and undesirable side-effects, such as loss of working time, are preferably reduced to zero.

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