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Fire protection and detection.

Fire protection  has to do with good and safe organization of premises, workplaces and buildings and with a safety-oriented attitude among management, employees and third parties. Properly formulated and well-defined rules and regulations, regular checks on all (fire-hazardous) installations, well-defined escape routes, fire drills and professional detection equipment can make the difference. In many cases, of course, physical measures such as emergency exits, fire escapes and adequate emergency lighting, as well as a number of fire-retardant interventions such as the installation of fire doors, are mandatory or otherwise recommended.

Fire detection: we supply and install both conventional and addressed fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, CO or gas detectors, whether or not connected to an alarm system, and supply extinguishers, fire blankets, safety signs or pictograms. All facilities must be installed in sufficient numbers, in the most strategic places, clearly visible, easily accessible and in perfect condition.

Industrial fire protection includes both prevention, detection and control thereof and must fully comply with general regulations, regulations of the local fire brigade and the specific operating conditions.


Installater fire alarms.

For fire alarm systems, we focus on both the private market and industrial companies, cooling and storage locations, office environments, catering, healthcare institutions, public spaces and underground car parks in the Belgian coastal region (from Nieuwpoort to Knokke), Bruges and its surroundings and part of the hinterland ( Gistel, Torhout, Diksmuide, Veurne).

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