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security & alarm systems

INSTALLATER security & alarm systems.

Security by means of alarm systems, detectors, camera surveillance and access control for industrial buildings, warehouses, car parks, offices, shops and public spaces covers a number of aspects:

Theft prevention: our concrete proposals are based on theft risk research and relevant environmental factors of the premises you want to protect. The appropriate measures, also depending on your expectations and the requirements of your insurer, are preferably indicated in a clearly visible manner and can range from alarms, camera surveillance and access control (see below) to a number of physical security measures. The latter include shutters, automated gates and fences, certified locks, window security, etc.

Burglary alert for a timely detection and registration of burglaries, attempted burglaries, theft or vandalism, we install wired or wireless alarm systems and cameras, indoors and outdoors.

Fire prevention we map the critical points and places with a high risk of fire and carefully coordinate our recommendations regarding fire detection.

Fire detection aims to quickly and consistently respond to an imminent fire, even in dusty conditions and preferably without false alarms. We install smoke detectors and other fire detectors that can be linked to the alarm system and the control room.

Acces management various control & identification systems with web functionality. Examples are hands-free proximity readers for badges, door magnets, non-copyable badges, keypads, mobile apps


Installateur camerabewaking.

As an installer of anti-theft and fire detection systems for commercial applications, we meet all applicable requirements and have an extensive know-how in almost all sectors:

We’re officially licensed, as are all our employees. (MBZ nr. 20064437)

The systems and components we work with are certified.

We fully comply with all aspects of the new privacy legislation.

We offer the possibility to connect to a control room.

Camera images can be viewed online and in real-time and are recorded.

We offer interesting maintenance contracts for periodic inspections and further optimisation.

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